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A Collective Bargain - Available for Pre-Order Now

For decades, intractable social and economic problems have been eating away at the social and political fabric of the United States. There is a single, obvious weapon whose effectiveness has been proven repeatedly throughout US history: unions. Read More

Publisher's Weekly Review of A Collective Bargain

A Collective Bargain receives a coveted “starred” review from PW, plus an author interview to add emphasis. It’s a sign of the times that major national reviewers are signaling to the world the importance of unions today. "Labor activist McAlevey delivers a persuasive argument that the power of “strong, democratic” trade unions can fix many of America’s social problems in this timely cri de coeur." Read More

Workers Are Not Your Props

The Democratic presidential field lined up to get their pictures taken with striking GM workers. But what workers really need from the Democratic Party is power, not photo ops. Read More

It's Time to Retire the Term "Middle Class"

The excellent podcast, Citations Needed, hosted Jane for part of their new show on the word “middleclass.” They had an excellent discussion about how the word obscures people's understanding of class in America and is also used as a wedge issue to divide and conquer workers by skill when employers set out to break unions. Read More

Chicago’s Teachers Are Making History. Again.

The strikes that spread from Chicago across the nation are happening because energetic, smart rank-and-file workers are finally taking back their own organizations—their unions—after too many years of risk-averse leaders whose unwillingness to use the strike weapon contributed to the downfall of the working class. Read More

"How Can We Organize Worried Immigrant Workers?"

“…Do you have any advice on how you would handle structure tests and the need for them to be public with international grad workers who are worried their visa status could be threatened if they are seen publicly supporting the union?” Read More

Too Hot For School

On the Media looks at attacks from conservatives and why congress underestimates support for climate action. Plus, how a wave of labor strikes might be a crucial component in building momentum towards Green New Deal adoption. Jane McAlevey discusses why striking is essential to effect meaningful social change. Read More