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Unions Must Recommit to Expanding Their Base

Unions need to expand their base if Democrats are to stand any real chance in the future; simultaneously, they need to provide deep political education, especially when the right wing and the Trump forces continue to mobilize. Read More

How the Pandemic Changed Our Working Lives

DISSENT magazine gathered their favorite thinkers on labor and unions for a live recording of their 212th episode. With the help of Jane McAlevey, Bill Fletcher Jr., and Rebecca Dixon, they look back on 2020, a tumultuous year for workers. Read More

Getting Out of Tight Corners

Anyone who thinks civil unrest isn’t coming on November 3 isn’t paying attention. The most important lessons from Florida in 2000 and Germany in 2019 have a common thread: ordinary people need to be willing to defy Democratic Party leadership, and even some trade union leadership, to save the country from an even worse misery. Read More

We Really Need to Tax the Rich

Rather than rely on presidential candidates as our saviors or endlessly revise utopian policy proposals, it is crucial that we examine which strategies, led by whom, are winning and why. Read More

FREE Chapter on Smithfield Foods from "No Shortcuts"

Jane McAlevey says, "For a long view on the evils of the corporate leadership of the meatpacking industry, Oxford just made my chapter on the successful worker organizing campaign at the nation's largest pork processing plant available to read for free online." Read More