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Audience Q & A and lots of discussion depict most of my talks.


  • June 17 - June 18

While this event isn’t public, it’s good for folks to know that I always prioritize work with our neighbors to the north. Read More

Labor Research Action Network, LRAN

  • June 13

Now that LeBron has left Cleveland, it’s finally safe for Raptors-are-my-favorite-eastern-conference-team-self to re-enter Ohio. OK, basketball aside, I am happy to be engaging with what is sure to be a smart, lively panel at the annual conference. Read More

Building High Participation

  • May 29
  • Berlin, Berlin, Germany

After spending much of February in Germany, I will return several times in 2019 to continue working with unionists from across Germany’s unions. Read More

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What I Do

I write. When I am not writing, I consult to organizing and base-building organizations of all kinds, including unions, community organizing, environmental justice and any progressive group trying to build power.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Power Structure Analysis
  • Organizer Training, Assessment and Development

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