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UC Strategic Labor Research Conference - July 14-16

This jointly organized (UCLA & UC Santa Barbara) free conference will include workshops on applied skills for new and experienced union and labor movement researchers. Come join California’s union researchers in discussions about the future of labor research and organizing! Jane McAlevey will deliver the keynote on Saturday. Read More

The Lessons The Legacy Unions Need To Learn w/ Jane McAlevey

Jane dives into the challenges of the unionization process, with union-busting remaining prevalent well after a successful vote and throughout the bargaining processes, the importance of having community support and solidarity to bolster the long and draining battle, and the networks community organizing can create. Read More

Reinventing Strategy - "Labor Power and Strategy" from CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies

Jane McAlevey, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Stephanie Luce, and Peter Olney tackle the big labor organizing questions of the day: What is the relative strategic importance of organizing workers at the commanding heights of the 21st century economy versus organizing workers whose solidarity is strong, yet whose structural power within the economy is weaker? And in a society teetering on the precipice of authoritarianism, what should be the scope and mission of labor organizing today? Read More

Unions That Won

Brian Lehrer talks with Jane McAlevey about how her book "Rules To Win By" draws on case histories of successful negotiations to offer blueprints for other unions. Read More

Getting to Contract: Negotiating and Winning Against the Odds

Whether a union is new and independent or long-established, the questions of how to negotiate, and how to get to the bargaining table, represent strategic choices. The question is: Can they learn the lessons that most legacy unions have failed to understand? It’s power that workers and their communities absolutely need to win the real improvements that propel yet more workers to take the risk of unionizing. Read More

Get Organized to Win! – Jane McAlevey

Paul Jay's extensive 8-part video interview with Jane McAlevey. They discuss the roots and initial successes of Jane's organizing strategies & efforts; her travels from Nicaragua to Tennessee, learning how to organize to win the right to dignity and more; workers must face up to race to unite the class. Fighting for a just transition; the workers' movement is critical to any chance of having an effective climate policy. Hard bargaining in Las Vegas hospitals. Mobilizing is not organizing and why we need strong militant unions to win; we cannot afford to leave one ounce of power on the table. A strike can force recognition of a union; a supermajority strike is powerful when bargaining; a strike with mass support can be a political weapon to change society. Read More