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The NLRB’s Recent Decisions Are Good News for Workers

But while both decisions are worth celebrating, there are still no shortcuts to the hard organizing work needed to win life-changing contracts. It’s important to take the right lessons from this dynamic moment: The hard work of building durable worker power and organization can’t ease up just because it seems like, officially, it should be getting easier. Read More

The Lessons The Legacy Unions Need To Learn w/ Jane McAlevey

Jane dives into the challenges of the unionization process, with union-busting remaining prevalent well after a successful vote and throughout the bargaining processes, the importance of having community support and solidarity to bolster the long and draining battle, and the networks community organizing can create. Read More

Get Organized to Win! – Jane McAlevey

Paul Jay's extensive 8-part video interview with Jane McAlevey. They discuss the roots and initial successes of Jane's organizing strategies & efforts; her travels from Nicaragua to Tennessee, learning how to organize to win the right to dignity and more; workers must face up to race to unite the class. Fighting for a just transition; the workers' movement is critical to any chance of having an effective climate policy. Hard bargaining in Las Vegas hospitals. Mobilizing is not organizing and why we need strong militant unions to win; we cannot afford to leave one ounce of power on the table. A strike can force recognition of a union; a supermajority strike is powerful when bargaining; a strike with mass support can be a political weapon to change society. Read More