Get Organized to Win! – Jane McAlevey
Paul Jay's multi-part interview with Jane McAlevey

One of the world’s leading “organizers’ organizer” Jane McAlevey has trained thousands of activists in building more militant unions and winning electoral organizing; she sees the fight for effective unions as critical to winning transformative climate policy. Jane tells her story to Paul Jay on Reality Asserts Itself.

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Part 1 – Paul and Jane discuss the roots and initial successes of Jane’s organizing strategies & efforts.

Part 2 – From Nicaragua to Tennessee, learning how to organize to win the right to dignity.

Part 3 – Workers must face up to race to unite the class. Fighting for a just transition, the workers’ movement is critical to any chance of having an effective climate policy.

Part 4 – The story of big open bargaining and revitalizing the nurses union in Las Vegas.