Video Shorts
Recent video clips, under 2 minutes each, on Apathy, Winning, Overcoming Fear in a Campaign and More

5 Videos from Jane’s Keynote
poster for Jane McAlevey’s Keynote at the Winnipeg, Canada Strike Centenary

This is How We Win

Engaging Those Not Talking with Us

On Organizing

Building Worker Power in The New Gilded Age: Jane McAlevey at The Harvard Law Forum

On Income Inequality

A Labor Market Theory of Power (class struggle)

5 Core Concepts

What’s a Strike?

Structural Power Requires Structure-based Organizing

Structure vs Self-Selecting

What’s Austerity, and, Reversing Austerity!

On Apathy

Overcoming Fear

On Winning

Winning is Hard Work

On Breaking the Law

What can the union movement in Australia do differently?