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Changing the narrative is never enough. But positive coverage helps.

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New York Times On Me: In 15 Mug Shots, a Model of Disobedience

The New York Times wrote the following on me: (McAlevey) has demonstrated on behalf of redwoods and rain forests. Against military intervention in Central America. Two years ago, she was in the thick of things as Local 1199 threatened Connecticut with a strike by 8,000 nursing home workers. Now she’s helping Local 531 and the striking janitors who scour Stamford’s skyscrapers. Read More

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All the Issues in Workers’ Lives, Organizing in Stamford Connecticut

Read Daniel HoSang’s Shelterforce Magazine story about my work in Stamford Project. Dan was the first person to write about the innovative work the Stamford Project was doing to link housing rights and workers’ rights in Connecticut. In the last 12 months, a remarkable string of organizing victories involving thousands of low-wage workers and their families has taken the corporate hub of Stamford, Connecticut by storm. Read More

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Building Community Unions

Janice Fine writes about the organizing work I participated in Stamford Connecticut. Read the full piece on The Nation website. I write in depth about this project and more in my book Raising Expectations. These realities made Stamford ripe for an unusual multi-union effort, launched in 1998 by the AFL-CIO, to organize the city’s struggling service-sector work force. Read More