Media Coverage
Changing the narrative is never enough. But positive coverage helps.

The Real Resistance is at Work! The WBUR SHOW!

WBUR’s Radio Open Source hosted a panel discussion about the future of labor. I was pleased to a part of this discussion. “It’s Labor Day week 2018, and “The American Worker” doesn’t fit any single poster shot. Is it the Uber driver – working flex time in the ‘gig’ economy, for a magic dispatcher of taxis around the world? Read More

Now It’s North Carolina Teachers’ Turn: How Did We Get Here? What's Next?

“Jane McAlevey is an organizer and labor scholar who pretty much predicted what’s going on right now. She published a book in 2016, No Shortcuts, arguing that in reaction to decades of tax cuts and budget cuts, ‘education and healthcare workers will create a woman-led new labor union movement.’” Read and listen to the full piece on NPR here » Read More