Media Coverage
Changing the narrative is never enough. But positive coverage helps.

Now It’s North Carolina Teachers’ Turn: How Did We Get Here? What's Next?

“Jane McAlevey is an organizer and labor scholar who pretty much predicted what’s going on right now. She published a book in 2016, No Shortcuts, arguing that in reaction to decades of tax cuts and budget cuts, ‘education and healthcare workers will create a woman-led new labor union movement.’” Read and listen to the full piece on NPR here » Read More

Season of the Bitch podcast

I thoroughly enjoyed spending an hour talking about power and strategy with the socialist feminist collective producing a great new podcast, Season of the Bitch. It was refreshing to have a team of women asking, probing, and, occasionally laughing (which can seem hard to do these days). Read More

Smart New Review of No Shortcuts in April Real Change News

“For McAlevey, politics is not about getting the right frame to convince conservative voters; it’s not about mobilizing activists or liberals to lobby Congress or to fund issue groups; it’s not even, primarily, about holding huge marches of the already convinced. It’s about exercising power. The right is powerful because it’s advancing the agenda and funded by the rich, the ultra-rich and corporations. Read More