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Changing the narrative is never enough. But positive coverage helps.

Labor organizer Jane McAlevey on why strikes are the only way out of our current crisis: Interview in Waging Non Violence

According to longtime environmental and labor organizer Jane McAlevey, this recent wave of teacher strikes is also the perfect example of how change happens. It begins by developing a deep understanding of power, which then evolves into building small campaigns within a larger struggle to achieve measurable goals — all the while engaging in deep listening across differences, instead of self-selecting into single-minded silos. Read More

Socialist Forum: Meeting the Standard: An Interview with Jane McAlevey

In the context of the exciting discussions of a Green New Deal, DSA produced a special climate issue featuring many good articles and interviews. Ben Fong reaches deep into my early years in the movement when I was a full-time environmental organizer. We discuss how things have and have not changed in the strained relations between unions and environmentalists. Read More