Toronto, Canada Book Launch

The Centre for Social Justice, Global Labour Research Centre at York University, Socialist Project, York University Departments of Geography, Social Science, Political Science cohosted me for a book launch on December 1st at the Steelworkers Hall in Toronto. The talk was moderated by Mark Thomas of the Global Labour Research Center, with discussants Stephanie Ross, School of Labour Studies, McMaster University and Michal Rozworski, OCUFA, and blogs at Political Eh-conomy. Read More

Keynote Speech to Thousands of Toronto (Canada) Teachers

In early December, I headed to Canada to give a talk to thousands of teachers who are all members of the Elementary Teachers of Toronto, the biggest union of teachers in the Ontario Province. I’ve been working with this union for over a year on how to build a more high participation union. Read More

Early Praise for My New Book

“Jane McAlevey is a deeply experienced, uncommonly reflective organizer. In NO SHORTCUTS, McAlevey stresses the distinction between mobilizing and organizing and examines how systematic conflation of the two has reflected and reinforced the labor movement’s decline over recent decades. More than a how-to manual for organizers, NO SHORTCUTS is a serious, grounded rumination on building working-class power. Read More

Go, Canada, Go!

In August, I was in Canada twice to work with two different unions, each of whom was laser focused on how to end the regime of Canada’s seriously rightwing Prime Minister, Steven Harper. Though few imagine life will be easy for climate campaigners, working people and more under the new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, sending Harper and his party packing was a really good start to restoring Canada to, well, Canada. Read More

Keynote Speech, The Parkland Institute

I gave one of several keynote speeches at Alberta, Canada’s premier progressive policy and research operation, called the Parkland Institute. I zero in on the different between mobilizing and organizing in this talk and discuss how we will only be able to build sufficient power to challenge the elites when we return to deep organizing. Read More