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Belabored: How to Bargain for Power, with Jane McAlevey: The longtime organizer and theorist discusses tactics that unions can use to win major gains at the table and in the contract.

The wave of unionization continues apace across the United States and elsewhere in the world, but there’s often much less attention paid to the part of the process that comes after the winning of a union election: the bargaining of a contract. It can seem like the hard part is over when the votes are counted, but our guest this week reminds us that the hard part is just beginning. Read More

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How to Build a Fighting Labor Movement with Jane McAlevey: How to organize mass numbers of new workers into unions that wage mass strikes to fight employers and revive the labor movement

Transcript: The Making of an Organizer MICAH UETRICHT Before we get into your new book and any of your work, let’s start at the beginning. You write in your books about a history of coming from a political family and being a student organizer at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and working for a while in the environmental movement and politics, but you eventually ended up in the labor movement. Read More

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Reinventing Strategy – “Labor Power and Strategy” from CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies: This episode tackles the big labor organizing questions of the day.

Jane McAlevey, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Stephanie Luce, and Peter Olney tackle the big labor organizing questions of the day: What is the relative strategic importance of organizing workers at the commanding heights of the 21st century economy, like the docks for example, versus organizing workers whose solidarity is strong, yet whose structural power within the economy is weaker, like those at Starbucks? Read More

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Reinvigorating the Labor Movement as Strikes and Union Negotiations Gain National Attention: What it will take to revitalize the lethargic U.S. labor movement?

Background Briefing with Ian Masters · Reinvigorating the Labor Movement as Strikes and Union Negotiations Gain National Attention With the nation’s second biggest school district on strike today as labor struggles and union organizing at Trader Joes, Starbucks, Amazon and others get national attention, Ian Masters & Jane McAlevey assess what it will take to reinvigorate the lethargic U.S. Read More