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Labor protests in LA

How workers can demand — and win — more: Shun gag orders and seek transparency, labor organizer Jane McAlevey says.

LA Times interview with Jane about how workers can win more–focusing on lessons from Rules to Win By: Power & Participation in Union Negotiations, her new book, written with with Abby Lawlor. Read the interview here >> Read More

After loading up his hand truck, UPS driver Robert Garcia takes a drink of water, before heading out to deliver the packages Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2006, in New York.

What Will Happen if UPS Workers Strike?: Jane McAlevey discusses what the union is looking for.

  The Teamsters union, which represents UPS workers, may go on strike if a deal is not reached by the end of this month. Jane McAlevey, organizer, senior policy fellow at the University of California at Berkeley’s Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, strikes correspondent at The Nation and co-author of Rules to Win By: Power and Participation in Union Negotiations (Oxford University Press, 2023), talks about what the union is looking for, and Jason Miller, associate professor of supply chain management and interim chair of the supply chain management department at Michigan State, explains what would happen to the package delivery business and the broader economy if the more than 300,000 workers go on strike. Read More

UPS Strikers

Summer of Strikes—Plus, After Affirmative Action: On this episode of “Start Making Sense,” Jane McAlevey talks about unions, and John Nichols comments on the politics of education.

Two nationwide strikes may be in the works right now. The Teamsters have been negotiating with UPS for a new contract, and the United Auto Workers have been preparing to strike at least one of the Detroit auto makers. These have the potential to provide swing-state voters with a political education in the lead-up to the 2024 election. Read More

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Winning Is Only the Start: Jane McAlevey on Building Worker Power: Jane McAlevey on the long-game of building union power through contract negotiations.

In April 2022, Amazon workers in Staten Island voted to form a union. But a year after that historic victory, union members at the JFK8 warehouse still don’t have a contract, thanks largely to Amazon spending $14 million on union avoidance consultants. That may be shocking but it’s not unusual. When workers vote to form a union, it takes an average of 465 additional days to sign a contract with their employer. Read More

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Power and Participation in Negotiations and Politics with Jane McAlevey: How to democratize union negotiations and build significant worker power by practicing transparent, big, and open negotiations

Jane McAlevey talks with Gordon Lafer and Adolph Reed Jr. about the impact of negotiations as political education, for building strong unions and for rebuilding democracy. Listen here >>   Read More