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Saul Alinsky

Behind the News with Doug Henwood

Doug Henwood and I sat down and spent an hour discussing my new Politics & Society article (September 2015 issue). The interview is an overview of the past twenty years of what’s called ‘New Labor’s’ ascent to the leadership of the US labor movement. As Henwood points out, the article is locked behind an expensive firewall. Read More

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News with Sharmini Peries

I like the team at the Real News Network, pity they can’t replace Fox News! This interview is about Scott Walker’s decision to flip Wisconsin to a right-to-work (for less) state. The interview was conducted just before the actual decision, but it was all but done. I trace the connection between Jim Crow and racism and right-to-work (for less) laws. Read More

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NPR, Public Radio International’s (PRI) To the Point With Warren Olney

I had fun debating some Wall Street types on this nationally broadcast radio show. The way the host ran the show, I don’t come in until each of the other three men have already gone a round or two, but then the debate heats up as I begin to challenge their narrative on unions, and, who wrecked the economy, workers or Wall Street execs. Read More

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A New Interview with Doug Henwood Interview – KPFA

Doug Henwood and I sat down for a interview in early April, 2014, for his show on KPFA called, Behind the News. Doug wanted to talk about my thoughts on everything from the recent UAW defeat in Chattanooga, TN, to the mobilizing among fast food workers and more. Henwood had recently read the new Afterward for the second edition of my book (the softcover release, just out in softcover!). Read More

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The UAW defeat in Chattanooga

The UAW defeat in Chattanooga is only the latest exhibit of why Whole Worker Organizing, and, a theory of worker organizing that understands workers are not just workers, they are mothers, fathers, sisters, members of various houses of faith, involved in sports clubs and their kids schools, etc is urgent if US unions want a credible fight back against very powerful forces. Read More