Organizers with substantial, direct experience in the field have an entirely different focus than authors who have not been involved in campaigns: we focus on how the work gets done (methods), and how to win.

Union members stand outside of the General Motors Flint Assembly Plant

The Path to Climate Justice Runs Through the UAW Strike: During Climate Week, why not show we can have economic and environmental justice?

Few people know what’s really happening behind closed doors as General Motors executives and UAW officials try to hammer out an agreement to end their now seven-day-long strike. Against the backdrop of the United Nations Climate Summit, and with the excitement still palpable after 4 million young people marched to demand bold solutions to the climate crisis, it is vital to understand what is going on.  Read More

students striking

“How Can We Build Industrial Unionism in Education and Health Care?”: Ask Labor Jane

“I just finished the biography of Eugene V. Debs, The Bending Cross, and it’s left me with a lot of reflections concerning the cause for industrial unionism, one of Debs’s major lifelong battles. I know your positions are not that different from Debs in this regard, since you’ve been openly critical of craft unionism in the health care sector before, pointing out the common and inefficient model of “nurses-only” unions.” Read More

UAW workers on strike

Striking General Motors Workers Deserve Our Support: Despite the many obstacles and tarnished national UAW leadership, everyone needs the workers in this strike to win.

At midnight, General Motors workers began their first strike since 2007. Given the rampant inequality eating away America’s middle class, and with it our democracy, 50,000 workers’ going on strike is always cause for jubilation. It’s even more important when the workers occupy a key sector of the economy. Read More