Organizers with substantial, direct experience in the field have an entirely different focus than authors who have not been involved in campaigns: we focus on how the work gets done (methods), and how to win.

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Help Georgia Senate Fight: A list of groups to support now

Here are some Georgia grassroots groups to send money to for the Senate races, and, what is key, beyond… That is, we need to build lasting base level power in Georgia. New Georgia Project Action Fund (NGPAF) exists to increase the civic participation of underrepresented & underserved communities of color. NGPAF does this by engaging in local and state political campaigns, in support of, or opposition to, ballot measures, referendums, recalls, initiatives and candidacies for local and state offices. Read More

chile general strike

Short of a General Strike, How Can Labor Stop Trump From Stealing the Election?: Lessons from Chile’s uprising—and from the 2000 Florida recount fight.

There has been a lot of social media chatter about a general strike here in the United States if the results are ambiguous and Trump tries to steal the election. It would be amazing if national trade unions here were prepared to take the same actions in November 2020 that Chile’s national unions took in November 2019—but there’s absolutely no indication that people in positions of power in significant sectors of the US economy are ready to act as boldly as Chilean leaders did. Read More

May Day protest in Greece

Celebrating May Day Starts by Taking Workers Seriously: Here in the United States, workers need a lot more than another holiday.

“…here in the United States, the date is barely known beyond those immigrants whose home countries honor it, or among the most committed labor activists. Yet May Day commemorates the lives of four labor organizers in the United States who were hanged in Chicago after being falsely convicted of throwing a bomb into a group of police.” Read More

A Collective Bargain by Jane_McAlevey book cover

Why Unions Matter – Excerpt from A Collective Bargain: Unions, Organizing, and the Fight for Democracy: Unions, we may finally be coming to realize, are absolutely essential to democracy.

Unions are such a pain in the ass really. Anyone who has dealt with a union understands. Then again, so is trying to get through to customer service at your bank, or the warranty division of a company that made one of your household appliances. Unions can be bureaucratic and hard to navigate in the same way dealing with the permit process to build a house or a building, or opening a childcare centre is. Read More