Organizers with substantial, direct experience in the field have an entirely different focus than authors who have not been involved in campaigns: we focus on how the work gets done (methods), and how to win.

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Getting Out of Tight Corners: Anyone who thinks civil unrest isn’t coming on November 3 isn’t paying attention

Anyone who thinks civil unrest isn’t coming on November 3 isn’t paying attention. The most important lessons from Florida in 2000 and Germany in 2019 have a common thread: ordinary people need to be willing to defy Democratic Party leadership, and even some trade union leadership, to save the country from an even worse misery. Read More

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden puts his mask back on after delivering remarks in Wilmington, Delaware on August 13, 2020. (Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

Biden Needs to Talk About Jobs on Labor Day. And Every Day.: If he does, he just might win in November.

Instead of allowing a deliberate undermining of 21st century essential public services, Biden could stitch together race, gender, jobs, unions, and good government in one powerful speech. For example, he could explain that at union-busting FedEx, workers earn half what their counterparts do at the post office for service that is no better and often worse for higher charges—and that the difference is who gets the income: workers or shareholders? Read More

May Day protest in Greece

Celebrating May Day Starts by Taking Workers Seriously: Here in the United States, workers need a lot more than another holiday.

“…here in the United States, the date is barely known beyond those immigrants whose home countries honor it, or among the most committed labor activists. Yet May Day commemorates the lives of four labor organizers in the United States who were hanged in Chicago after being falsely convicted of throwing a bomb into a group of police.” Read More

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Why Unions Matter – Excerpt from A Collective Bargain: Unions, Organizing, and the Fight for Democracy: Unions, we may finally be coming to realize, are absolutely essential to democracy.

Unions are such a pain in the ass really. Anyone who has dealt with a union understands. Then again, so is trying to get through to customer service at your bank, or the warranty division of a company that made one of your household appliances. Unions can be bureaucratic and hard to navigate in the same way dealing with the permit process to build a house or a building, or opening a childcare centre is. Read More