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Unions That Won

Brian Lehrer talks with Jane McAlevey about how her book "Rules To Win By" draws on case histories of successful negotiations to offer blueprints for other unions. Read More

Organizing for Power's Core Fundamentals

Organizing for Power’s Core Fundamentals is a skills-based training that takes place on 6 consecutive Wednesdays from the 8th of February until the 15th of March. Each session lasts 2 hours and runs twice for our global audience. Registration is free and open exclusively to groups of 10+ organizers, because we’re only going to win if we’re in this together. Read More

Getting to Contract: Negotiating and Winning Against the Odds

Whether a union is new and independent or long-established, the questions of how to negotiate, and how to get to the bargaining table, represent strategic choices. The question is: Can they learn the lessons that most legacy unions have failed to understand? It’s power that workers and their communities absolutely need to win the real improvements that propel yet more workers to take the risk of unionizing. Read More

Labor’s Winning Weapon

How workers prepare one another for strikes is crucial to their strength and success—the ATU members ratified a great contract last Thurs. The steps they took to build serious wins, is an example all workers can follow. Two Canadian unions show why the supermajority strike is the key to worker power. Read More

It's Time for Unions to Go On the Offensive

Jacobin’s Jen Pan talks with Jane McAlevey where they discuss the state of the labor movement and how it needs to be far more aggressive in its demands to deal with our mounting political and economic crises, including inflation, the U.S. Supreme Court, failure of the national unions to respond, and much more. Read More

Get Organized to Win! – Jane McAlevey

Paul Jay's extensive 8-part video interview with Jane McAlevey. They discuss the roots and initial successes of Jane's organizing strategies & efforts; her travels from Nicaragua to Tennessee, learning how to organize to win the right to dignity and more; workers must face up to race to unite the class. Fighting for a just transition; the workers' movement is critical to any chance of having an effective climate policy. Hard bargaining in Las Vegas hospitals. Mobilizing is not organizing and why we need strong militant unions to win; we cannot afford to leave one ounce of power on the table. A strike can force recognition of a union; a supermajority strike is powerful when bargaining; a strike with mass support can be a political weapon to change society. Read More

In Berlin, Overworked Hospital Staff Went on Strike for a Month — and Won

Medics launched a month long strike that forced hospital management to guarantee minimum staffing levels.The particular conversational technique that worked so well is part of Jane McAlevey’s tool kit for building mass-participation strikes, developed by drawing on the tactics of the radical Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) unions of 1930s America. Read More