Book Talk Discussion at UnionsNSW (New South Wales), Hosted by the Leader of Australia’s Second Largest State’s Trade Union Movement January 5, 2017

Mark Morey, recently elected leader of the union body in Australia’s second largest state, New South Wales, hosted me for a book launch in their regional headquarters. Australia is facing many of the same challenges we are in the USA, but their unions are where US unions were in 1995. I advised them to plot a different course!

The UAW defeat in Chattanooga February 26, 2014

The UAW defeat in Chattanooga is only the latest exhibit of why Whole Worker Organizing, and, a theory of worker organizing that understands workers are not just workers, they are mothers, fathers, sisters, members of various houses of faith, involved in sports clubs and their kids schools, etc is urgent if US unions want a credible fight back against very powerful forces.

Strength in Union, New Documentary. September 9, 2013

A new documentary about the history of the labor movement, called Strength in Union, includes an interview with yours truly. So far, Caesar Pink, the director of the documentary, has interview lots of interesting folks in the US labor movement. Check out the little story TruthOut just wrote about it.

My clip starts at 0:43, click here to view.

HuffpoLive: Is Part-Time The New Normal? July 24, 2013

Originally aired on July 19, 2013. I participated in a panel discussion about part time work in the US.

Discussing How Unions Can Win Again on Up with Chris Hayes February 17, 2013

In the aftermath of Michigan going right-to-work, I discuss what unions need to do to beat the attack!


Real News Network Interview on Michigan’s Right-to-Work Law February 15, 2013

I spoke with the Real News Network about Michigan’s Right-to-Work law.