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I Wrote a Piece on Trump, the Media, and, Staying Focused on What Matters, Not the Damn Tweets!

Every tweet Trump bangs out has three primary purposes: 1) to lure most media and pundit discussion away from critical news Americans desperately need; 2) to embolden his base; and 3) to make ordinary people throw their hands up and say, “Just turn it off, I can’t watch it anymore,” or a key variant, “Just turn it off, who even knows who is telling the truth? They are all liars.” To read the entire piece, click on the article.

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New Interview on My Views on Faith and Labor, in the UC Observer

Journalist Katie Toth interview me on faith and unions, here’s one snippet from the longer interview.

Q Why do many organizers not seem to consider religious life as significant to their efforts?

A I don’t know. It’s a question I ask all the time. Many of the best organizers in the trade-union sector are willing to work 18- or 19-hour days. It’s like a calling to do the work. Yet maybe they’re not religious themselves, maybe they’ve rejected a faith tradition and don’t draw on it as meaningful. I’m speaking about organizers who believe that what they were put on the planet to do is engage in class struggle. And so something about class struggle means they see religion as a distraction as opposed to a fundamental component to that struggle. I look at them and say, “How can you be so smart and miss this?”

What I believe, deeply, is that we need to devote way more effort to pushing on the moral foundation of our economic system. The faith community does this best.

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Feb. 27th Feature Interview in the Nation Magazine, by DD Guttenplan

Guttenplan describes this 4000 word interview this way:

“We first spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, where, amid the self-congratulation, she cautioned me that “Clinton hadn’t sealed the deal” with the white suburban women that McAlevey had met helping to organize Philadelphia-area hospitals. After her warning proved prophetic, we resumed our conversation—this time focusing on the question at the heart of her new book, No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age.”

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