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New Interview on My Views on Faith and Labor, in the UC Observer

Journalist Katie Toth interview me on faith and unions, here’s one snippet from the longer interview.

Q Why do many organizers not seem to consider religious life as significant to their efforts?

A I don’t know. It’s a question I ask all the time. Many of the best organizers in the trade-union sector are willing to work 18- or 19-hour days. It’s like a calling to do the work. Yet maybe they’re not religious themselves, maybe they’ve rejected a faith tradition and don’t draw on it as meaningful. I’m speaking about organizers who believe that what they were put on the planet to do is engage in class struggle. And so something about class struggle means they see religion as a distraction as opposed to a fundamental component to that struggle. I look at them and say, “How can you be so smart and miss this?”

What I believe, deeply, is that we need to devote way more effort to pushing on the moral foundation of our economic system. The faith community does this best.

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No Shortcuts Makes a Terrific New “Recommended Reading” List in Paste Magazine!

The article is called, These are the Seven Books You Need to Understand (and Fight) the Age of Trump. About my book, the author starts with:

“Imagine if you didn’t know how to play basketball, and all anyone told you was “pick and roll!” For someone new to political work, this is what the calls to “get organized” can sometimes feel like. Thankfully, in the most nitty-gritty book here, veteran labor and community organizer Jane McAlevey provides a series of case studies that detail exactly what successful organizers do.”

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Toronto, Canada Book Launch

The Centre for Social Justice, Global Labour Research Centre at York University, Socialist Project, York University Departments of Geography, Social Science, Political Science cohosted me for a book launch on December 1st at the Steelworkers Hall in Toronto. The talk was moderated by Mark Thomas of the Global Labour Research Center, with discussants Stephanie Ross, School of Labour Studies, McMaster University and Michal Rozworski, OCUFA, and blogs at Political Eh-conomy.

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