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First Excerpt of the Forthcoming Book: Labor Day Musings September 5, 2016 - For several decades in the middle of the last century, millions of workers of all ethnicities woke up on Labor Day each year and headed for their local Labor Day march. Arm in arm they walked down the streets, singing songs of solidarity. It’s no accident that in those same years, income inequality was falling, […]
Analyzing 20 Years of New Labor’s Leadership in the US Labor Movement September 2, 2015 - My first academic article is hitting the press, published by the journal Politics & Society. If you have access to a university account, please download it from their website. Politics & Society is an expensive academic journal and my article, along with several commentaries written by other academics, are all locked behind a firewall. But […]
Behind the News with Doug Henwood August 31, 2015 - Doug Henwood and I sat down and spent an hour discussing my new Politics & Society article (September 2015 issue). The interview is an overview of the past twenty years of what’s called ‘New Labor’s’ ascent to the leadership of the US labor movement. As Henwood points out, the article is locked behind an expensive […]
Open Democracy: Organizing as Whole People September 24, 2013 - There are no shortcuts to building the kind of power it takes to win meaningful change. As an organizer in a county with an acute housing crisis, simmering racial tension and little unionization, I learned that I had to help the community to take on the fight themselves. The final article in our “Transformative Nonviolence” […]
Social Policy: Hard Bargaining in Las Vegas Hospitals March 28, 2013 - The Desert Springs contract had now expired. This was a big deal. Under U.S. labor law, when a contract expires, four dangerous things happen: workers can strike; the employer can lock workers out; the employer can stop collecting union membership dues from the workers’ paychecks; and the “permanent window” period for decertifying the union begins. […]
New Labor Forum: It Takes a Community May 8, 2003 - The following is the full text from a piece I published in the New Labor Forum in 2003 summing up the Stamford Campaign. Download the original piece here (PDF) IT TAKES A COMMUNITY Building Unions From the Outside In This article is about a recent organizing campaign in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The Union Organizing Project, as it came […]
Z Magazine: War Against People and Environment January 1, 1990 - On November 10 1989 the eve of El Salvador’s recent insurrection, Guillermo Ungo, leading member of the Salvadoran political opposition, was meeting with EPOCA staff on the environmental crisis in El Salvador. It seems an odd juxtaposition that El Salvador’s opposition leadership would occupy themselves with problems of ecological deterioration as they prepared for the […]