My Post Election Thoughts, Published on Alternet January 5, 2017 - The right’s obsession with union-busting is nothing new; sadly, neither is the Democratic Party’s indifference to it. For 35 years, Democrats have ignored, acquiesced in and even supported the dismantling of the American labor movement. Believing that demography is destiny, big data is strategy and framing is persuasion, the liberal elite cast off the working […]
Harris v. Quinn: Separate, and not equal July 2, 2014 - It’d be more than alarming and resoundingly condemned if any institution in the United States tried to take our country back to the days before Dred Scott, or to when people of color in this country fell under the racist and dehumanizing “three-fifths rule.” But the Supreme Court’s decision in Harris v. Quinn smacks of […]
AlterNet: What Angelina Jolie Didn’t Tell You About Breast Cancer and That Gene May 31, 2013 - Making money off illness is sickening. Depriving the needy of life-saving healthcare should be criminal. Last month, I lost my too-young-to-die sister to a BRCA#1 breast cancer. When I was a toddler not yet in kindergarten, breast cancer robbed me of my mother. I am a BRCA#1 gene carrier, and recently wrote about it in […]
AlterNet: What I Learned in a Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement November 13, 2012 - AlterNet has published excerpts from my book Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell): My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement. Read the excerpts over at AlterNet, I’ve reposted them below.
AlterNet: Don’t Just Mobilize – Organize November 30, 2010 - Don’t mourn — organize! The classic union motto. So simple. We all agree with it, right? It is not something we need to seriously reflect on, right? We can just print it on a placard and stick it up on the wall by the coffee machine, right? Wrong. In fact, for the past few decades […]